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The Top 5 Reasons To Own An Inflatable Boat

The Top 5 Reasons To Own An Inflatable Boat

For a lot of us, getting out on the water is one of the greatest pleasures in life. So if you’re shopping around for a boat, you’re going to want something that you will love to stay out on for the whole day. Here are 5 of the top reasons to own an inflatable boat.  

Inflatable Boats Are Safe

A common misconception is that inflatable boats are not durable. Designs have come a long way since the early days. Multiple air chambers are implemented to increase safety as the boat won’t sink due to a single puncture. With large buoyancy tubes, the inflatable boat’s load capacity much greater. Stryker boats in particular use an imported German Mehler Texnologies PVC material. Combined with thermoweld technology, we’ve created one of the safest inflatable products on the market. 

Inflatable Boats Are More Portable

As inflatable boats are generally much lighter and easier to carry, it’s possible to transport them to bodies of water that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. You can enhance your experience by exploring new remote fishing spots, hidden lakes, and other places you’ve never considered. Our boats each fit in 2 heavy duty storage bags that we’ve included. They are easy to carry and can fit in nearly every vehicle. You don’t need to invest in a roof rack or a trailer to enjoy your boat. 

Inflatable Boats Are Fuel Efficient

Another bonus of the lightweight construction of an inflatable boat, is that they are more fuel efficient than their competitors. They can achieve an excellent performance with much smaller engines that a traditional boat their size would require. It takes less power to get up to speed and you will begin to plane faster using less energy. You can go farther and stay out longer while using less gas. At a time when fuel prices are soaring, you will love the greater fuel efficiency and lower purchase cost for engines. You aren’t sacrificing functionality and you are saving money. It’s a win-win. 

Inflatable Boats Are Versatile

Our inflatable boats are easily customized, we offer many different accessories that are plug and play so you don’t have to wonder if what you’re buying will work for your boat. For instance, consider upgrading with the Stryker sunshade Bimini canopy, Add a cup holder that doubles as a convenient accessory rack, or include the launching wheels that make it even easier to launch your boat or transport it away from abrasives.

Inflatable Boats Require Simple Maintenance

Keeping up on the routine maintenance of an inflatable boat is simple and inexpensive. Inflating and deflating your boat is easy with only a foot pump – or it’s even easier with the electric auto inflation pump that is available. You don’t have to worry about dinging or scratching when you’re maneuvering around or docking because the buoyancy tubes offer protection. Soapy water and a rag will keep it clean and like new for years.

There are so many good reasons to invest in your next inflatable boat. Check out Stryker Boats models today.