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Stryker LX 380 (12’ 5”) Inflatable Boat

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Stryker LX 800 Overview:

The Stryker LX 380 is the perfect boat for a family of 4. This inflatable boat has remained a best seller due to incredible compromise between size and weight. Added bonus: NEW A-Style Bow with improved keel rise. Plus 5 Scotty® bases pre-installed at time of manufacturing to plug and play up to 30 different Scotty® accessories for all your fishing adventures. This is best paired with a lightweight 20HP EFI outboard for optimal performance.

Material & Construction:

The Stryker LX 380 comes with the additional bottom protection of 1.2mm fabric with our signature Stryker Shield® hull protection. Stryker Shield® is an 8” wide corrugated rubber strip that protects the bottom of the tubes and keel.   Stryker Inflatable Boats are constructed with the highest grade imported German Mehler PVC using the latest thermowelding technology.  Thermowelding is a process using heat welding that bonds the material together that creates superior strength and durability over the traditional 4 layer overlapping seam technology used by most companies.

The  LX 380 inflatable boat features a 15” heavy duty 1 piece reinforced aluminum transom.  The Stryker fully welded aluminum transom removes the most common failure point (wood and plastic 3 piece transoms) found on all other inflatable boats on the market.  The 15" transom gives you the ability to add a short shaft prop outboard motor.

This vessel offers 4 Air Chambers, 1890lbs weight capacity and maximum 8 person capacity.  Stryker Inflatable Boats are constructed with a heavy duty interlocking aluminum floor system with side stringers.

Motor Recommendation for the Stryker LX 380:

20HP short shaft prop outboard manual or electric start.

Every boat comes fully equipped with military grade wrap around life line and interior grab line, multiple heavy duty D-ring systems installed throughout,  fuel tank/battery box tie down, heavy duty transom motor mount, welded towing/lifting eyes on transom, towing eyes on bow, with heavy duty D-handle for use with Stryker launching wheel system.  Included in your package: one set of oars, double set of aluminum seats, 1680 denier boat bag, floor bag, bow bag, smart cargo bag bench cushion, repair kit and foot pump.


This Stryker Inflatable Boat package comes in 2 bags, 1 for your boat and 1 for your aluminum floor system.

  • Dimensions of Boat in Bag: 51 x 26 x 17"
  • Boat Only Weight: 126 lbs
  • Dimensions of Aluminum Floor in Bag: 43 x 24 x 5"
  • Floor Only Weight: 55 lbs

Available in Storm Grey or Rescue Red.  Aluminum Floor.

Stryker Boats 5 year manufacturer warranty.


  • Overall Length: 380cm or 12′ 5″
  • Inside Length: 260cm or 8′ 5″
  • Overall Width: 172cm or 5′ 6″
  • Inside Width: 80cm or 2′ 6″
  • Shipping Weight: 201 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 46cm 1′ 5″
  • # of Air Chambers: 4
  • PVC Thickness: 1.2mm & .9mm
  • Dimensions of Boat in Bag: 51 x 26 x 17″
  • Boat Only Weight: 126 lbs
  • Dimensions of Aluminum Floor in Bag: 43 x 24 x 5″
  • Floor Only Weight: 55 lbs


  • Max Load: 857kg or 1890lbs
  • Max # people: 8
  • Max Motor: 30 HP
  • Max Motor Weight: 119kg or 262 lbs
  • Transom Height: 15”
  • Max Tube Pressure: 3.6 psi
  • Foot Pump
  • Bow Bag
  • Seat Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • 2 x Aluminum Bench Seat
  • Boat Bag
  • Floor Bag
  • Under Seat Bag
  • Aluminum Oars

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3 reviews for Stryker LX 380 (12’ 5”) Inflatable Boat

  1. Terry Brunette

    I purchased my hunter x380 in 2018. This he’s been a great boat. Using it for fishing. I have had no issues with this boat. I fill it with air in mid May and never had to adjust the air for the whole summer. The boat still looks as good as the day I purchased it. Thank you styler for the great product. Would definitely recommend this boat. I would post a picture of my boat but can’t seem to be able to load some on on this site.

  2. Anthony Bucci

    I’ve had this boat for a year now and I absolutely love it. I originally had a Tohatsu 9.8 then bought a Yamaha F25 and this boat flies with a 25hp motor on it. By myself the boat will do 42 km/h, Two adults it will easily do 35 km/h. I use this boat as much as possible, Borderline living in it that’s how much I use it. I use to for Prawning, Crabbing, Salmon fishing, Guided wildlife tours. As a professional wildlife photographer I really wanted an inflatable boat for the stability. I was doing some wildlife viewing the other day on Northern Vancouver Island photographing Humpback whales and I was right in the middle of intense tide rip and whirlpools. The boat handled it beautifully being a smaller boat. Another reason I bought this boat was I really liked the aluminum transom and welded boat seams giving It the maximum durability. Something I really look for in a boat while im a long ways away from the marina. My guests have really enjoyed the boat however now a bit on the small side and will be looking for a larger boat eventually. Great boat, highly recommend it. Thanks Stryker for an awesome product

  3. [email protected]

    I moved up the the LX 380 from the LX 320 as my family got bigger. We loaded 2 adults, 2 kids and 1 large dog into the 380 with no problems. I ran this boat initially with a 15hp 2 stroke outboard and then upgraded to a new 20hp Merc. The boat was easy to get on plane fully loaded with the 15hp and it cruised incredibly well with the 20. I had the 380 on a trailer as well as folded it up and threw it in the back of the truck. It is light enough that one person can maneuver it well with the launching wheels from a beach or lake edge. Stryker boats are very well made and you will get years of solid use out of them.

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