Bravo BTP Two-Stage 12V Electro Turbo Pump

FEATURES: Capacity 1000L per minute 15 minute run time only – must...

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  • Capacity 1000L per minute
  • 15 minute run time only – must cool down before re-used for 20 minutes
  • Pressure 250 Bar (3.6 psi)
  • Pressure can be regulated with auto shut-off (175 to 250 bar)
  • Equipped with 2 powerful motors on bearings mounted on an aluminium plate to disperse the heat
  • 3 meter cable
  • Safety fuse
  • 12 volt lead with alligator clips
  • Carry bag included
  • Inflates and deflates large or small objects (depends on valve size)


  • Large rigid inflatables or inflatable boats – 1-14 metres (pumps 7 mt boat in 6 min)
  • Dinghies (all sizes)
  • Inflatable toys and towables
  • Air mattresses

Our favourite accessory! Though all our boats come standard with a foot or hand pump, the electric pump makes getting this boat together in under 15 minutes completely possible for anyone. All you need to do is set your pressure and the pump takes care of all the hard work uptil it reaches desired PSI and shuts of automatically. The come with a hose, alligator clips and carry bag.

The BP 12 is a one-stage pump (high pressure/low volume) that only produces 150 liters per minute (150 L/min). The BTP 12 is two-stage and produces 450 L/min (low pressure/high volume) until it gets to about 1 PSI and then switches to 150 L/min (high pressure/low volume)

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