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Stryker LX 320 (10’ 5”) Inflatable Boat

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Stryker LX 320 Overview:

The Stryker LX 320 is an extremely popular choice for anglers and boating enthusiasts looking for a light weight fully optioned boat. The Stryker LX 320 comes with the additional bottom protection of 1.2mm fabric with our signature Stryker Shield® hull protection. Stryker Shield® is an 8” wide corrugated rubber strip that protects the bottom of the tubes and keel.  Stryker Inflatable Boats are constructed with the highest grade imported German Mehler PVC using the latest thermowelding technology.  Thermowelding is a process using heat welding that bonds the material together that creates superior strength and durability over the traditional 4 layer overlapping seam technology used by most companies.

Material & Construction:

Our signature LX line features 5 Scotty® bases pre-installed at time of manufacturing to plug and play up to 30 different Scotty® accessories for all your fishing adventures.

The  LX 320 inflatable boat features a 15” heavy duty 1 piece reinforced aluminum transom.  The Stryker fully welded aluminum transom removes the most common failure point (wood and plastic 3 piece transoms) found on all other inflatable boats on the market.  The 15" transom gives you the ability to add a short shaft prop outboard motor.  This is a great fit for 2-3 people and your gear, offering a max rating of 5 people.

This vessel offers 4 Air Chambers, 1523lbs weight capacity.  Stryker Inflatable Boats are constructed with a heavy duty interlocking aluminum floor system with side stringers or a high pressure air floor constructed from a specially designed drop-stitched PVC fabric.

Motor Recommendation for the Stryker LX 320:

9.9HP short shaft prop outboard, or an electric motor.

Every boat comes fully equipped with military grade wrap around life line, multiple heavy duty D-ring systems installed throughout,  fuel tank/battery box tie down, heavy duty transom motor mount, welded towing/lifting eyes on transom, towing eyes on bow, with heavy duty D-handle for use with Stryker launching wheel system. Included in your package: one set of oars, double aluminum seats, 1680 denier boat bag, floor bag, bow bag, smart cargo bag bench cushion, repair kit and foot pump.


This Stryker Inflatable Boat package comes in 2 bags, 1 for your boat and 1 for your aluminum floor system.

  • Dimensions of Boat in Bag: 44 x 28 x 14"
  • Boat Only Weight: 98 lbs
  • Dimensions of Aluminum Floor in Bag: 36 x 24 x 4"
  • Aluminum Floor Only Weight: 41 lbs
  • Airmat Floor Only Weight: 10 lbs

Available in Storm Grey or Rescue Red.  Aluminum Floor or Air Floor options.

Stryker Boats 5 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Overall Length: 320cm or 10′ 5″
  • Inside Length: 212cm or 6′ 9″
  • Overall Width: 152cm or 4′ 10″
  • Inside Width: 66cm or 2′ 2″
  • Shipping Weight: Air Floor- 133 lbs, Aluminum Floor 167 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 43 cm or 1′ 4″
  • # of Air Chambers: 4
  • PVC Thickness: 1.2mm & .9mm
  • Dimensions of Boat in Bag: 44 x 28 x 14″
  • Boat Only Weight: 98 lbs
  • Dimensions of Aluminum Floor in Bag: 36 x 24 x 4″
  • Aluminum Floor Only Weight: 41 lbs
  • Airmat Floor Only Weight: 10 lbs
  • Max Load: 691kg or 1523lbs
  • Max # people: 5
  • Max Motor: 15 HP
  • Max Motor Weight: 60kg or 132lbs
  • Transom Height: 15”
  • Max Tube Pressure: 3.6 psi
  • Foot Pump (Hand Pump for Air Mats)
  • Bow Bag
  • Seat Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • 2 x Aluminum Bench Seat
  • Boat Bag
  • Floor bag (for aluminum floor models only)
  • Under Seat Bag
  • Aluminum Oars

Recommended Accessories

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4 reviews for Stryker LX 320 (10’ 5”) Inflatable Boat

  1. oliver jung

    I have only had my LX320 for a short while now, but I am already amazed at the stability and durability of it. One of my concerns was what would happen if were to hit some barnacles or rocks, and in fact I did end up hitting some barnacles at a low speed but the stryker shield on the tubes held up very strong (even without the stryker shield I think it would be okay.) I was also concerned about being able to take it on longer ocean missions, but the stability of it with a 9.9hp is amazing! As a new boater, this is an excellent first boat to get on the water with! Also love the youtube videos and tutorials.

  2. wayne

    a perfect size boat for my fishing and fun needs. Bought 2 seasons ago at end of season. It has been a good boat so far although I feel I have barely used it yet. I now have every accessory known to mankind for it such as bimini, launch wheels, anchor, downrigger, cup and rod holders, clamp on seats from stryker, ect ect. The thing that I love the most for me is that it fits perfectly in the back of my truck fully set up. I have a 6.4′ box and as we know truck boxes are not square. Fully set up I just use the launch wheels and ramps and roll it straight up and then down at the bow where the handles just squeak in for a perfect fit. I strap it down of coarse but it makes life a lot easier when I just want to set up once and go and use for a while. Also all packed up with a 15hp motor and all those accessories it only takes up half my truck bed. Perfect fit for me!

  3. Roger Perron

    I usually fish two or three times a week in many different size lakes, mostly by myself, sometimes with a grandkid. The 320lx fits my lifestyle perfectly. I’m able to get it in and out of the water from my truck, fully inflated, by myself. I’ve got it outfitted with a Garmin fishfinder and gps, Scotty rod holders and a Scotty manual downrigger. I’ve only had the boat for 6 or 7 months and am loving it! I also had a couple of interactions with the service support and they’ve been great to work with.

  4. [email protected]

    I have owned an LX 320 and an LX 380. The 320 really fit the bill when I was by myself or with one other person (or the 2 small kids together). The really nice thing about the 320 is that it easily slid into the box of a full size truck fully inflated. It was so easy to back down to the lake, drop the boat in the water, and then unload the motor. I was also able to get a folded up boat, the floor, motor and gas tank in the back of a Subaru Outback with the seats up. These boats are incredibly durable and I used mine for years before passing it onto a family member and it is still in use today. The upgrades that have happened over the year just make these boats better and better. I have just bought another LX 320 as the mobility of the boat for one person can’t be beat.

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