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Stryker Inflatable Boats Testimonials

Can't say enough good things about my Stryker. It has worked out perfect for what I needed. Purchased a Hunter 420/14ft in July 2017. Easy to fish from as well as cruise around the lake with the family. Very stable and easy to handle on the water. I also needed a boat that I could easily pull in and out of the water with ease and store in our garage at the cabin. Just hook it onto my riding mower and pull it out. WE have left it inflated over the winter spraying it down with a solution to winterize it. . Sturdy to also run up on the shore at our cabin. Came equipped with rod holders and other extras. Definitely should purchase the cover as it has been very useful. Especially to keep the sun off. Jared and staff were exceptional and showed lots of patience with all our questions
- Thomas Morley
Purchased while attending Toronto Sportsman Show in March 2019. Purchased the Hunter Jet 320 with a 20 hp Tohatsu motor. I wanted to use the boat a few times before I provided a review.

We have used it several times and can't be happier with the boat. When it's deflated it fits in the back seat of my F150! We can get into almost any lake as long as there is a path. The boat is very safe, sturdy and comfortable.

Tohatsu motor runs perfect. It's quiet, powerful and excellent on fuel.

Customer service was excellent.

I highly recommend Stryker!
- Brad Burton
We've had our 11' Stryker boat since 2014 and it's still in immaculate shape! It gets used at least 30-40 times a summer, as I fly fish all summer long! I've been on the lake with 4 foot waves and never capsized! It's a great boat I would buy the next size up next time. Well made and durable!
- Stryker 2
We absolute love our Stryker boat! It’s easy to put together and take apart during the winter which leaves our garage empty! The quality of the boat is like nothing I’ve seen before in an inflatable. All the little extras that they’ve thought of as well make it that much better! I would highly recommend this boat to anyone!
- Kelleigh Desjarlais
Bought this boat at the Edmonton Boat show a couple of years ago. It was one that was used for display at the show. Picked it up at the end of the show. Staff had packed it up for me and hauled it out. Great little inflatable. Easy to assemble. First time out the 6 hp engine wouldn't start. The engine I bought locally not from Stryker itself. Not to be stopped going onto the lake I found that the craft was exceptionally easy to row. Great inflatable and looking forward to this summer with it. It is a 12.5 footer.
- Wayne Maughan
We have had our Hunter 420 for 2.5 years and absolutely love it. It's great for fishing and crabbing on the ocean, and also for having fun on the lake. It is very stable for taking out our young children, with them being able to bounce around and jump off it. When deflated, we can take it in the back of the truck or in the camper. Highly recommended.
- Melisa Lafleur
I've owned my hunter x 420 for two years . It's absolutely fabulous. Being a hardcore fishmen and camper I needed something small enough to fit in the box of my truck yet big enough to take on extremely large and windy lake. Stryker does both with ease. The build is second-to-none and if there is ever a problem Jared and his team are available anytime. I highly recommend this boat 6 out of 5 stars
- Box's Tackle
We've had our Stryker Ranger LX 250 for two years now. We bought it for its small size in order to fit it on our sailboat. We have been really impressed with the construction and the aluminum floors make it feel like a much larger sturdier boat than its length suggests. One of our oarlocks failed last summer but Stryker Boats helped us out with a warranty replacement and shipped us the part promptly for only the price of shipping. If we get another tender for our sailboat in the future we will definitely be talking to Stryker about getting a custom build.
- Silas Krabbe
We've had our Stryker Ranger LX 250 for two years now. We bought it for its small size in order to fit it on our sailboat. We have been really impressed with the construction and the aluminum floors make it feel like a much larger sturdier boat than its length suggests. One of our oarlocks failed last summer but Stryker Boats helped us out with a warranty replacement and shipped us the part promptly for only the price of shipping. If we get another tender for our sailboat in the future we will definitely be talking to Stryker about getting a custom build.
- Silas Krabbe
I have purchased a boat through Stryker Boats this past fall. Communication with Jared has been great and he is quick to answer all my questions. I met Tiffany at the Calgary boat and sportsman show and she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with me and my friends who had a lot of questions. The boats are of great quality and I believe the best in the inflatable class throughout North America.
- Brad White
A great find!! So pleased with my inflatable..having used it for two summers now, I can't find fault. Same if not better quality than the Zodiacs I was looking at, more accessories for a better price too!
- Julian Winfield
Love our Striker Boat. Fishing trip on the mighty Athabasca River near Athabasca Alberta. The Yamaha F25 outboard motor performed flawless and runs like a Swiss Watch.
- Jurgen Pohl
Our Ranger lx250 is an excellent boat and the customer service is top notch. Highly recommend!
- Seamus McKeating
Hello everyone. We bought our Stryker more than 2 years ago. It is a boat for 2 and perfect for me and my wife. I have bought an electric motor with a battery as well and this set works for us every summer on the lakes for fishing or just to bring us to the place when we wanted to be. Our boat has light weight and size when packed that easy to fit our vehicle. Need to mention that I do it myself. The other thing that I like very much is pumping the boat. It takes so less time compare to inflatable boat we bought 6 years ago from Costco that we stopped using our old boat at all.
- Val N
Two years ago I bought a Ranger LX 420 and I absolutely love it! Its fast, stable and well built. Love using it for fishing!
- Peter Soulios
It was an amazing experience. When I first went in it I was extremely nervous because it was my first time but I truly had a blast and I would recommend everyone to try it!!!
- Natonia Laing
Stryker totally stepped up. They directed me into the best boat for my needs and we are very happy with our purchase....Fair price too. Thanks!
- Mike Jackson
My Stryker 11.5 foot drop stitch floor with a 9.8 Tohatsu 4 stroke has been a great boat! We have taken it to lakes in the interior, up the Fraser river, and out in the salt chuck from North Vancouver to Steveston and miles off the coast. Although it's a small boat, we feel very safe in rough waters, up the river and on any lake.

We have added a trailer, depth sounder/chart plotter and a down rigger, so getting on and off the water is a snap, little maintenance and inexpensive to run compared to the bigger boats. And after many years of punishment we have put this little boat through, the hull shows no signs of damage!

At Stryker Boats, they are so helpful with any issues and truly stand behind their products and it has been fun to watch their company and product line grow over the years. Cheers to Stryker Boats, a definite thumbs up!
- Daryl Dawson
Great quality. Boats are robust and stable in the water. Great value!
- Kenton Hunchak
We bought a Stryker 380 in spring 2018 and have used it for one season so far - we couldn't be happier. We keep the boat at our house on Kootenay Lake in Kaslo, BC and it is perfect for getting out on the water to swim etc, but our main purpose is to use it to access beaches and hiking trails that can only be reached by boat. It's perfect for this because we can bring the launching wheels along, land it on the beach and pull it completely out of the water for peace of mind when going for a 4-5 hour hike.

Our house overlooks the lake but we have to trailer the boat down a steep hill to launch it, and the boat is light enough we can easily do that with our side by side. We use a single place tilting snowmobile trailer, and can easily maneuver the boat on the trailer around the yard by hand.

We have a Yamaha F25 outboard on it and it goes as fast as I would ever want it to (about 35 kph max or 30 kph for comfortable cruising). At max speed it can be a little squirrelly with only two of us in the boat. It's extremely stable even in very rough water, although if you are pounding through big waves at low speed you are likely to get pretty wet. We kept the boat inflated all summer, and under a tarp when not using it, and we found it folds up easily and tucks away in the shed for the winter. There's no doubt this was the perfect boat for our purposes.

Customer service has been excellent. When we had an issue with the launching wheels, they were prompt and courteous about taking care of it for us.
- Paul Hoefer
It's a good boat, and so far no major issues. I've owned the boat for two years now so I have had two full seasons of use. (about 10 uses per year) The first year setting it up every time. The LX380 barely fit into the back of my Forester with the back seats down, together with a 9.9 outboard. I wouldn't recommend this approach. Last year I got a small trailer. (added a third bunk myself) The build quality of the boat is good, but not exceptional. The features are great though. I never felt I'm missing anything, the Bimini and Scotty mounts are definitely nice to have. The only thing that has had to be repaired so far was the grab rope that goes around the boat, which was finished with shrink tubing. The launching wheels are almost the exact same ones as I have on a low cost dolly I bought a few years ago. The tires need to be pumped regularly and they don't have bearings. These accessories might be of a little lesser quality, but they are also not very expensive, and still clearly worth having. Lastly I have had to contact customer service once and they were friendly and helpful. My exact rating would be slightly below four stars, as I would probably shop around a bit, if I were in the market to buy a new boat, but there is still a good chance I would buy another STRYKER. I do find it challenging that they offer incentives for good reviews, although this does seem to have become a common practice.
- Michael Ruhstaller
So there I was, sitting on the shore, watching as all of these boat enthusiasts cruise by me as I day dream about the day that I could be like all these other people I admire on the water.

I remember growing up near White Rock beach, a friend of mine owned a fun little zodiac. Not to big to take up to much real estate for storage but plenty of fun. This lead me to research " What inflatable boat is best"?

It did not take me long to stumble upon Stryker Boats😁. Hands down the most dynamic, durable, attractive and well priced boat in its class, on the market.

I purchased a Stryker 320 (10 footer) in red. I power it with a Tohatsu 9.8 hp and it has plenty of power to have my wife hooting and hollaring. I think I got it up to 20km+ which is fast on the water.

I also grabbed a few Scotty accessories for storing my rod and storing my drink.

Definitely recommend contacting Jared at Stryker for more information if you are considering on join me NOW playing on the water.
- Todd Wellington
Bought this boat to take with us in the motorhome. Now the dog can come with me! She loves it and so do I.
- David Fortin
Great boat, if your looking for a quality inflatable that is well designed it will be a Stryker.
- Roland Houle
Bought a stryker boat at the bc sportmen show two years ago and its been treating me great! plan all my spring and summer lake trips around it!
- Herbert S
Bought our Stryker in 2015 and absolutely love it. From crab fishing in the Howe Sound to loading it up on the atv to fish remote lakes in the Cariboo and all the way to Spatzizi Plateau it has always served us well!
- Lucy Agostinho
Great quality boat and customer service was top notch .
- David Hall
Great service and a value for money boat.
- Kerri-Lynne Wilson
We picked up a Ranger 250 from the Van boat show last year to replace our 15 year old inflatable to tow behind our sailboat, and occasionally use for fishing with a 3.5hp Mercury. We got the inflatable floor to save about 10lbs.

Both Jared and Tiffany were awesome to deal with and we couldn't have been happier with the purchase. We had an issue with the floor board support when we 1st set it up and Jared delivered me a replacement part right away.

Finally had chance to take it out on a 10 day sailing trip this month and the dinghy was great. We made excellent use of the rod, and beer, holders, and the storage bags were awesome to keep the fishing gear in one place.

Strykers are a little bit heavier than some of the competition due to the extra protection (which I feel is worth it), but we had no issue towing it behind a 30ft sailboat, and was still light enough to pull it up on to the deck if needed.

So far no issues at all and the dark grey/black colour scheme is a nice change from the standard light grey ones you see everywhere.

And I can't stress enough how awesome Tiffany and Jared have been.
- Dusti Phish
best sales and service
- Garney Carter
What a sturdy, easy to drive, easy to ride boat.
- Kenton & Yvette Hunchak
I don't think the all those feedback is real. After you purchase the boat and comparing with other high quality brands. they are way over price since not as good as description. What I can see is all regular Chinese quality products except the Tohatsu motor. There is nothing special except they putting some extra accessories on the boat. so I only give them 2 star.
- Western Inflatables David
My family and I are so impressed with Stryker Boats; their boats are incredible! They're overbuilt and engineered to last, they're not flimsy and sketchy like our last boat. That aluminum Transom though - spot on.

We feel so reassured that the heavy duty rubber strips are under the keel and tubes - can't put a price on peace of mind!!

Dealing with Jared, Angela and Tiffany has been great, they're super knowledgeable and customer focused.

We'd love to move up to a rigid hull one day and we know who we'll be calling! Thanks Stryker!
- Defenceman55
I picked up a stryker boat a few years back, and my experience has been amazing. Jared and the staff at Stryker were really friendly and incredibly helpful. Not to mention their product is awesome. I love that my boat is super portable, yet incredibly durable. If you're looking for an inflatable, I highly recommend you check out a Stryker boat!

2019 Update: I have now had my 320 for about four years. Still holding up really well after many fishing and hunting trips. Since I purchased mine back in 2015 I had lost one of my rod holders. As they were the first generation rod holders that they no longer sell, Jared gave me a replacement for free. My boat has been rock solid. Love it!
- Matt H
picked up the Ranger 360 from Stryker boats and I absolutely love it! I get to discover places up close and personal that I had only ever seen from a distance. i would highly recommend these boats, my only regret is not buying the Hunter!
- Ryan Felgner
I did a lot of research before buying an inflatable dinghy for my sailboat, and it led me to Stryker boats. I cannot begin to express how happy I am with my boat, their smallest model, the Ranger 250 with airmat floor is stable enough for 2 adults to stand in, and I've had it loaded to the full 4 people and it doesn't even flinch. The 'Stryker difference' items are fantastically well thought out and executed. I can't imagine any other company could compare for durability. My boat was accidentally ran over by a half-ton truck, and with only 1 patch and 1 repaired valve I had it back in action 24hrs later. To top it all off the customer service is fantastic, all in all a great experience and an incredible product, I highly recommend it.
- Bennett Light
Both a boat from that kind of company in a past, about 3 years ago - now i have only troubles and leaks from a seam and some valves are not holding a good pressure. Very disappointed! No quality at ALL
- Tony Johnson
I couldn't be happier with my Stryker 420 hunter edition. I have put my boat through some of toughest conditions and it still looks brand new. The customer service from all the staff at Stryker Boats was been a great experience and I would give them a 10/10. Several of my friends and family have bought a Stryker boat after seeing mine and the quality of these boats.
- Scott Hamilton
Very satisfied with my boat. Amazing product, best layout and options on the market. Very knowledgeable and staff with unbeatable customer service.
- David Chen
Great boat and service. Had the Stryker 360 for a year now, excellent tough boat. Thanks
- Daniel Shohdy
The best customer service we have ever encountered, hands down. Our boat has taken us on many adventures already and we always have another one planned. Thank you for a stellar product!!
- Puggy 0707
I have owned a Stryker boat for 3 years and it continues to be a great boat for the family. Great service from Stryker and quality product.
- Graham Archer
Great boat and awesome customer service.
- Brook Robazza
Great products, great service, excellent overall experience! Would buy from again
- Ian Strand