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"Two years ago I bought a Ranger LX 420 and I absolutely love it! Its fast, stable and well built. Love using it for fishing!" Peter Soulios
"So there I was, sitting on the shore, watching as all of these boat enthusiasts cruise by me as I day dream about the day that I could be like all these other people I admire on the water. I remember growing up near White Rock beach, a friend of mine owned a fun little zodiac. Not to big to take up to much real estate for storage but plenty of fun. This lead me to research " What inflatable boat is best"? It did not take me long to stumble upon Stryker Boats?. Hands down the most dynamic, durable, attractive and well priced boat in its class, on the market. I purchased a Stryker 320 (10 footer) in red. I power it with a Tohatsu 9.8 hp and it has plenty of power to have my wife hooting and hollaring. I think I got it up to 20km+ which is fast on the water. I also grabbed a few Scotty accessories for storing my rod and storing my drink. Definitely recommend contacting Jared at Stryker for more information if you are considering on join me NOW playing on the water." Todd Wellington
"We absolute love our Stryker boat! It’s easy to put together and take apart during the winter which leaves our garage empty! The quality of the boat is like nothing I’ve seen before in an inflatable. All the little extras that they’ve thought of as well make it that much better! I would highly recommend this boat to anyone!" Kelleigh Desjarlais
"I have owned a Stryker boat for 3 years and it continues to be a great boat for the family. Great service from Stryker and quality product." Graham Archer
"A great find!! So pleased with my inflatable..having used it for two summers now, I can't find fault. Same if not better quality than the Zodiacs I was looking at, more accessories for a better price too!" Julian Winfield
"Great quality. Boats are robust and stable in the water. Great value!" Kenton Hunchak
"We've had our Stryker Ranger LX 250 for two years now. We bought it for its small size in order to fit it on our sailboat. We have been really impressed with the construction and the aluminum floors make it feel like a much larger sturdier boat than its length suggests. One of our oarlocks failed last summer but Stryker Boats helped us out with a warranty replacement and shipped us the part promptly for only the price of shipping. If we get another tender for our sailboat in the future we will definitely be talking to Stryker about getting a custom build." Silas Krabbe
"Great products, great service, excellent overall experience! Would buy from again" Ian Strand
"Great boat and service. Had the Stryker 360 for a year now, excellent tough boat. Thanks" Daniel Shohdy
"We bought a Stryker 380 in spring 2018 and have used it for one season so far - we couldn't be happier. We keep the boat at our house on Kootenay Lake in Kaslo, BC and it is perfect for getting out on the water to swim etc, but our main purpose is to use it to access beaches and hiking trails that can only be reached by boat. It's perfect for this because we can bring the launching wheels along, land it on the beach and pull it completely out of the water for peace of mind when going for a 4-5 hour hike. Our house overlooks the lake but we have to trailer the boat down a steep hill to launch it, and the boat is light enough we can easily do that with our side by side. We use a single place tilting snowmobile trailer, and can easily maneuver the boat on the trailer around the yard by hand. We have a Yamaha F25 outboard on it and it goes as fast as I would ever want it to (about 35 kph max or 30 kph for comfortable cruising). At max speed it can be a little squirrelly with only two of us in the boat. It's extremely stable even in very rough water, although if you are pounding through big waves at low speed you are likely to get pretty wet. We kept the boat inflated all summer, and under a tarp when not using it, and we found it folds up easily and tucks away in the shed for the winter. There's no doubt this was the perfect boat for our purposes. Customer service has been excellent. When we had an issue with the launching wheels, they were prompt and courteous about taking care of it for us." Paul Hoefer
"Great boat, if your looking for a quality inflatable that is well designed it will be a Stryker." Roland Houle
"best sales and service" Garney Carter