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Boating Licenses Required to Operate an Inflatable Boat in Canada or the United States

Boating Licenses Required to Operate an Inflatable Boat in Canada or the United States

It’s one of the most common questions that we get asked at Stryker Boats. If you’re considering purchasing an inflatable boat for use in Canada or the United States, read on!

Getting a boating license isn’t just about just ticking a box. It’s to ensure that boat users on the water have basic boating and water safety knowledge to protect themselves, their passengers, and other water enthusiasts. Even if you don’t technically need a boat license for your water activities, completing a boating safety course is highly recommended and could end up saving your life one day.

We’re fortunate enough to be living in an age where boating enthusiasts have a lot of options when it comes to what type of boat they want to buy and what that boat is made of. Inflatable boats have come a long way over the last few decades, and Stryker Boats offer you an affordable, practical, and versatile way to experience the water. You can check out our full range of Stryker premium inflatable boats or answer a few questions to see which boat is right for you.

Boat License to Operate an Inflatable Boat in Canada

In Canada, all motorized boat operators are required to have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC). The PCOC is often incorrectly referred to as a Canadian boating license. The PCOC is a federal competency card that is given to Canadian boaters once they have completed an approved boating safety course and an accredited Transport Canada Boating Safety Test.

The PCOC is valid in all Canadian territories and provinces. Any motorized vessel, regardless of the horsepower or size, requires the operator to have a PCOC. This included sailboats with motors, inflatable boats with motors, and small boats with electric trolling motors. Your PCOC must be carried with you on board whenever the boat is on the water and in operation.

Boat License to Operate an Inflatable Boat in the United States

Licensing requirements for operating a motorboat or pleasure craft in the United States vary depending on which state you’re operating the boat in. All states except Alaska, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Maine require you to have completed some form of boat safety course.

Most other states have similar boat safety courses depending on the size of the vessel. For example, in most states, if the motor of the vessel exceeds 10hp, then you must complete the appropriate boat safety course. Also, if you are under the age of 16, many states have age restrictions on the type of boat you can operate and how powerful that boat is.

It’s important to check your state’s boating requirements prior to heading out onto the water to avoid a costly fine.

In Summary

Hopefully, now you have a basic idea of what licensing requirements are for operating an inflatable boat in Canada and the United States. Having the correct license is important for a variety of different reasons, including protecting yourself in the case of an accident and to ensure that you have the knowledge needed to safely operate your watercraft.

If you have been considering buying an inflatable boat or have any questions about inflatable boats in Canada or the United States, then check out our range of premium, high-quality, and affordable inflatable boats at Stryker Boats. When it comes to inflatable boats in Canada and the United States, no one does it better than our experienced team.

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