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Finding the Right Outboard Boat Motor

Finding the Right Outboard Boat Motor

Finding the ideal boat that’s purpose-built, along with the ideal outboard motor, for your different activities on the waterways is a joy to behold. As important as the boat is, several other important accessories will make your water activities worthwhile. Water enthusiasts tend to agree that whether you are having a quiet fishing time with your loved one(s) on the lake or taking a cruise on the ocean wave, everyone falls into basically two groups: Jet outboard drive or propeller drive. In this article we will take a look at the differences of these outboard motor styles as well as look at the different brands that we carry at Stryker Boats.

What are outboard motors?

If you are familiar with how a car engine produces motion (kinetic energy) by burning oxygen and gasoline together, then this is understanding what the outboard motor is all about. An outboard motor is an actuation system for boats, in our case to propel your Stryker inflatable. The motor consists of the engine, propeller or jet drive, and the gearbox. It is attached to the vertical rear section of a boat, called the transom. Apart from being the propulsion system it also performs the function of steering the boat in whatever direction you want.

What is the difference between a jet drive and a propeller drive?

The jet drive and the propeller are both part of the outboard motor that allows for movement. They work in different ways. When choosing an outboard motor, you need to decide where your boat will be operating. The jet drive is primarily used in areas where water levels can tend to be shallow, or you could encounter shallow water on your outing…. less than 2 feet.

Another thing to consider is overall maneuverability of your Stryker Boat at low speeds.  Jet motors are fast and fun at high speeds. However, when operating at lower speeds, you will find that the overall control of your boat will be extremely compromised.  A vessel’s ability to be steered by a jet motor is due to the water being thrusted from the “jet”.  As thrust decreases, so does your ability to control your boat’s maneuvering.   For a novice or inexperienced boater, this is something to be mindful of. Jet outboards also do have a dedicated reverse function or neutral. They have a bucket system that redirects the water flow to change direction of the jet stream.

Available for Purchase

To ensure that we at Stryker Boats give our customers who are searching for outboard motors some variety, we carry three of the top brands.

These brands include:

  • Tohatsu outboard motors
  • Suzuki outboard motors
  • Mercury outboard motors

The Tohatsu outboard motors

This outboard motor is made by a Japanese company known as the Tohatsu Corporation. They are the first and oldest outboard manufacturer in the world. Tohatsu has built outboards over the years for many brands including Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, and the list goes on.

Top features of the Tohatsu motor are:

  • Longer operating period even in harsh conditions
  • Has a low emission rate following the latest environmental requirement
  • Has a 5-year warranty

The Suzuki outboard motors

Suzuki is right at the top of the hierarchy when ranking outboard motors. With their reputation of having advanced designs and technology, we decided to add them to our current offering.

Below are a few reasons to consider purchasing one with your new Stryker Boat:

  • Beautiful lightweight 4 stroke design.
  • 6-year warranty available
  • It is relatively easy and cheap to maintain
  • Low emissions

Mercury outboard motors

With over 70 years of providing us with high quality dependable performance, the mercury brand is a must-have in our lineup.

They provide the following features:

  • Produces several outboard motors options for all size Stryker boats.
  • Up to eight years of warranty available
  • It is the outboard motor trusted by marine industry professionals
  • Low emissions and consumption of fuel
  • Exceptional reliability and value