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Fishing From Your Inflatable Boat with Kids

Fishing From Your Inflatable Boat with Kids

Spring has sprung and it is officially time to pump up your Stryker Boat and go fishing on your inflatable boat!

We all know that nothing beats being out on the water with friends and family.  However, as we get older, we start to factor children into our adventures. Children are a joy 99% of the time, however being on the water with small children can be quite stressful.

In this blog we are going to learn about setting our fishing days up for success when bringing children from the ages 4-8 on the water with us on our Styker Inflatable Boat.

Small kids are pretty unpredictable and so it is important to have a few things in our parenting arsenal that will keep them happy while being on the water. 

Step 1 is always safety.  Make your sure your children have lifejackets that fit them properly.    A lifejacket that is too bulky is super annoying when maneuvering around on a boat.  Try and find the most form fitting lifejacket for your kids. I guarantee this will immediately shift their mood to being content on the water.

Step 2 is comfort.  Being on the water on a relatively warm day can still be quite chilly.  On a boat we are using our hands lots when baiting rods and bringing fish out of the water. 

As we know, children want to be apart of everything we as adults are doing.  This often means that little hands become very wet and cold.  So, be sure to bring lots of dry gloves for them as well hand warmers. This could mean the difference of long day on the water or a very short day. 

Step 3 is snacks.  You can’t pack too many snacks when out on an adventure.  If your kids are becoming restless and bored offer them food.    Some of our favorite snack are homemade beef sliders made the night before, carrot sticks, homemade kabobs made the night before and popcorn.

Step 4 is inclusion.   Your kids want to be just like you, so make sure you include them in everything you are doing.  Teach them, encourage them, and let them know how happy you are to be sharing these moments with them water.  9 times out of 10 you day will 180 and your little ones will be working to show you how much they have learned from you.

Ultimately, this time on the water is what you and your family will remember for years to come. 

Stay in the moment, enjoy your family and enjoy your Stryker Inflatable Boat!