Graham A. - UPGRADE!


Jared, here is a review of the LX 380 vs my 3 year old LX 320. The boat was noticeably stiffer with the new floor design despite being 2' longer. The 320 is plenty stiff enough, but this new one ups the game! The quality of the build has noticeably improved - better, more well though out features, improved launching wheels... The 380 sits better in the water with people in it, it is less responsive to weight imbalances front to back and side to side. The biggest advantage was how it road on the water. I had it out today with 3 adults and my two kids and it road like a dream with my 15hp motor. We had to play with the balance a bit to get it planing and once it was up it flew. I am loving it so far!


Tom S. - Prince George


​Hi Jared, I don’t usually write testimonials but when you run into excellence I felt I needed to mention a few things. I have had several inflatables in my over 50 years of boating and most were fine. Your new boat is a masterpiece of well thought out design. All of the right placement of reinforcement to protect your investment and every comfort detail included. The tie down for the gas tank and great storage bags to prevent loss in case of turnover (it happens). A front anchor stay for those Fly fishers out there. The wheels are a work of art, the very best I have ever had! Rod holders that really work, even two handles for the boat bag for easy hauling. I can’t say enough about your service and now you are setting up Dealers so the getting add-ons is easier, like a Bimini and the best battery powered pump in the world. You and your wife should be very proud of the way you operate your business. There are lots of inflatables out there but nun as good as yours and the price is right. I have sent you a picture of my old set up on the first boat I bought from you. The second boat will get some modifications as well, send pics when I finish. Great Job! I sell you and your boat at every lake I visit, it’s just so easy.
Thank you very much Jared.
Tom S



Hi Jared
Hope you're enjoying holiday. I took my boat out on Stave Lake and hauled a good load of driftwood! Just wanted you to know that the boat was awesome with a bit more air in it! Goes faster than my Zebec did especially when there was a bit of chop on the lake. 
I'll be taking it out a fair bit the next couple months and I'll send you off some more pics. 
Take Care
Marcel -

Anthony C


Nice day in the Okanagan with my Stryker


Bill S - Update!!


In my last post regarding my Stryker Boat I did not include a picture showing the cup holders , so here it is.  They work well at keeping the beverages in one place.
I know I have repeatedly praised Stryker Boats but why wouldn’t I, this boat is simply amazing and other than it is a great looking boat, it is stable beyond belief and because I have taken it into so many different lakes in the interior where shoreline water depths would create a problem for aluminum or fiberglass boats, this boat just glides into shore with ease.
Since I purchased this boat and did not want to deflate and dismantle all the time, I purchased a 16ft boat trailer and my friend and I converted the trailer by adding more bunks and rails to accommodate the boat and it is a slick setup.  If anyone wants to see pictures of the trailer, I would be happy to take some and post on here.
There is not a lake that I have been on that some other fisherman has not approached me and commented on what a great looking boat and where I purchased it from.  I try to keep it very clean and after every excursion wash it top to bottom.
Thank you Stryker Boats for my boat and the years of enjoyment I have had in it and future years of enjoyment with it.

Bertie G - UK


I hope you remember our conversation back in August when you very kindly gave me a discount on the Hunter Edition for use in a National Geographic documentary. 

Awesome. The boat was hands down the best boat I've ever used. Built like a tank I took it in waves, ripping tides and double over head swell - the latter is not recommended!!! 

Here's some pics to wet your appetite.

**Find out more about Bertie here!

Bill S **UPDATE**


Here is an update on my Stryker Boat.
I have logged well over 200 hours of fishing aboard this boat in the two years of owning it and it has certainly exceeded my expectations of how great this boat really is.
It is so stable that when fly-fishing two of us can be walking around in the boat without it leaning or capsizing.  It amazes me how stable it is and no matter the weather conditions it is extremely safe to be in.
I like a clean boat so spend a great deal of time detailing and apply UV protectant to keep it from fading so it looks as good as the day I took it home and assembled it.  I have added cup holders, road holders, telescopic seats and fish finder to make it my own.  I cannot think of a better boat for fishing and just being out on the lake in.
I have attached a picture of a nice size rainbow caught this fall.  Since I am a catch and release fisherman, I did not want to take it out of the water but she was a beaut.
Thanks Stryker for providing me a great awesome boat.

Jean L. - Vancouver, BC


Thank you Stryker!

One big happy family with room to spare. Loving it!


Shane M - Kamloops, BC


Via Facebook:

 I'm an owner of a 12'6" Stryker, I'm happy to say it's an awesome boat. Jared, the owner of Stryker Boats is a true professional, the service he offers to his clients is second to none.
If your thinking of an inflatable boat for your needs don't hesitate to seriously look at these fine boats.