Brand new 2018 models are available now.

  • Exclusive 1 piece aluminum transom
  • Fully Thermowelded tubes
  • Scotty® bases from factory (5 on Rangers & 7 on Hunters)
  • LX & Hunter X with Stryker Shield™
  • Jet models with full Stryker Shield™ protection
  • Transport Canada certified
  • Full military grade wraparound lifeline

We all know that looks aren't everything, however with our inflatable boats you get all the safety, functionality and stability as well as the best looking boat on the market backed by the best warranty in the industry. As avid boaters ourselves we have designed a boat to our standards, not 'the generic standard'.

Since 2004 we have been boat enthusiasts. Being on the water is what we love to do. By taking our passion into this business we've created what we and many of our customers believe to be an amazing boat with all the accessories you'll need for a competitive price.

Thermowelded Seams
Thermowelding is a process where we fuse the materials together using heat. Where the seams were traditionally glued we use Thermoweld Technology. Over time glue gets ‘tired’ and begins to let go. With our method, you will never have this problem!

Reinforced One Piece Aluminum Transom
In 2017 we introduced aluminum transoms. Inflatable boats have had a history plagued with traditional plywood transoms becoming rotten. You'll never have to worry about that with ours. They're also twice as strong!

Scotty Mounts Preinstalled
The reason we preinstall all Scotty & other accessories mounts is because you need an ideal temperature and humidity controlled environment to adhere properly. This also has the added benefit of saving you money when you realize these are must have accessories. We found having each mount installed from other companies can cost up to $100 each! We take the guesswork out and do all the hard work for you.

Heavy Duty Reinforced Flooring System
We use a custom flooring system that provides extra support to the floor to give our aluminum floor boats extra rigidity.

Stryker Shield
Our signature Stryker Shield is exactly what you need to protect your boat. An 8” wide corrugated rubber strip runs under the keel and tubes of our Ranger LX and Hunter X line.

Stryker Bow Bag
Previous years we had our bow bag attached with plastic clips, new in 2017 are d rings with stainless steel clips. Perfect cargo bag for large items like spare life jackets, safety equipment, etc.

Stryker Seat Bag
A bench cushion with removable bag. 3 small pockets in the front and 1 larger pocket that sits directly under the bench seat.

Aluminum Oars
4 piece oar set. Aluminum Shaft with plastic blade.

Anti Over Inflation Valve
Each boat is implanted with a safety valve that automatically opens when pressure reaches an excessive level. Please note that this is used for ambient pressure changes.

Bimini Top Mounts
When and if you’re ready for a bimini canopy your Stryker Boat will be ready for it. No need to guess where pole attachments go, just plug and play.

Ergonomic Oar Locks
Heavy duty stainless steel bolts secure your oars to the exterior of the boat. They also double as a tie off of ropes.

Extra Large D Handle
The XL D-Handle is perfectly sturdy for pulling your boat. With the added option of launching wheels the D-Handle helps the boat act like a wheel barrow making it easy to move your boat around.

Extra Large Side Rubbing Strake
A 3.5” protects the peripheral of the vessel. With it’s shape, the rub strake also redirects water back down instead of into your boat.

Gas Tank Tie Down
PVC pad and safety belt for your gas tank secured with heavy duty stainless steel d rings.

Interior D Rings
Ranger LX boats come with 6 and Hunter X have 10. Use for securing cargo inside. They are specially positioned to work with our Swim Ladder attachment or Essentials Bags.

Military Grade Peripheral Life Line
Full wrap around rope secured by grommets for the complete peripheral.

Rear Cones
Our cones are designed with sport utility in mind. These are the ideal shape for performance and stability.

Reinforced One Piece Aluminum Beach Seats
Each seating area is reinforced with 1.2mm PVC. With this added layer of material you can know that you will be protected as we have found knives may occasionally jump out of your pocket.

SCOTTY® Accessory Ready
We are the only inflatable to offer Scotty bases factory installed. This means your boat will come ready to accept rod holders, cup holders, down riggers, fish finder mounts and much more.

Stryker Easy Load Boat Bag
A simple cross design makes it easy packing up your boat. Lay the rolled up boat in the middle and simply fold the flaps over and secure with straps.

Tow Rings
Welded onto the transom.

Foot Pump/Hand Pump Every boat comes with standard high volume pump. Airmat boats get a hand pump!

Repair Kit
Accidents can happen! Each kit comes with 2 pieces of PVC, a tube of glue and a valve tool to tighten up valves that sometimes get loose.

Heavy Duty Floor Bag
To make moving your vessel around easily we include a separate extra large carry bag for the flooring (aluminum floor models only).
stryker model comparison Stryker model comparison