Mac’s River Runner (Prop Saver)

This is the only protection your prop and skeg will...

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$190.00 CAD
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This is the only protection your prop and skeg will ever need!

  • Fits most motors 9.9 – 30HP
  • Water Dynamic – River Runner™ is water dynamic for Hi Speed “Use and Abuse.”
  • Helps Prevent Prop and Skeg Damage
  • Confidence – With our River Runner™ you can feel confident going into shallow waters with the unique gravel deflector, skeg protector, and bottom plate.
  • No Cavitation
  • If a portion of the bottom of the skeg is missing, the River Runner™ can still be mounted.
  • The River Runner™ is and will be the best prop and skeg protection you will ever own.


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1 review for Mac’s River Runner (Prop Saver)

  1. John Keating

    It was a bitch to install. Bought two longer bolts to make it work. BUT it saved my prop and motor numerous times on Sparrow Lake in Ontario. Worth the time and effort and the money. Will put it on my next motor, if need be.

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