Tohatsu (MFS30CL)

Whether you are cruising, fishing or working, the 30 hp...

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Engine(No. of Cylinder)



30 hp (22.1 kw)


526 cc (32.09

Bore x Stroke

61 x 60 mm (2.4 x 2.36 in)


Electric or Manual

Control Type

Remote Control or Tiller Handle

Gear Shift

Forward – Neutral – Reverse

Gear Ratio


Propeller Selection Range

8″ – 14″

Transom Height

15″, 20″


Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane)

Oil Type

NMMA Certified FC-W® 4-stroke oil** SAE 10W-30/40 (SF, SG, SH, SJ)

Oil Capacity

2 qt. (1800 mL)

Fuel Tank

6.6 US Gal. (25 Lit) Separate Fuel Tank


157 lbs. (71.5 kg)

Alternator Output

12V, 180W, 15A

Max. RPM Range

5,250 – 6,250

Electronic Fuel Injection


Digital CD Ignition System


Start In Gear Protection


Thermostat Controlled Cooling System


Through-The-Prop Exhaust


Power Trim and Tilt


Oil Pressure Warning


Shallow Water Drive



Multi-Function Tiller Handle is available on select models.

The multi-function tiller handle features an ergonomically designed shift lever for easy and convenient shifting as well as a longer throttle grip with 110 degrees rotation for easier maneuverability. All controls on the new multi-function tiller are conveniently located on the handle for easy access and control. More specifically, the gear shift, throttle control, trim switch, safety lanyard cord, TLDI® warning lights, and electric start key switch are all integrated in the tiller handle.

Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The 16 bit ECU precisely controls the fuel injection and ignition timing for 4-stroke engines.

Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection

The 30hp and 25hp now have the industry’s first battery-less electronically controlled fuel injection that provides quick throttle response, excellent fuel economy, and very smooth rides on the water.

Tuned Intake Manifold

The tuned intake manifold provides increased low & mid speed torque and quieter operation.

Tubular Air-Intake

The tubular structure of the air-intake, originally developed by Tohatsu, helps to take in necessary airflow to the engine while preventing water from entering into the motor cover.

Built-in freshwater flushing system

Standard built-in freshwater flushing system simplifies routine engine flushing.

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