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8 questions to ask yourself before buying an inflatable boat

8 questions to ask yourself before buying an inflatable boat

Buying an inflatable boat

Inflatable boats are becoming more and more popular by the day. They are used for fishing, camping, hunting, water sports, and other recreational activities. 

If you have experience being on the water often, you should have no problem choosing a boat as you already know what you need and might want. But, if you are new to this field, there’s a lot you need to consider. 

Buying an inflatable boat is a big decision, but it doesn’t need to be an uncertain one. In this blog, we will guide you in choosing an inflatable boat that is perfect for all your needs. 

Here’s what you need to consider before buying an inflatable boat: 

Why do you need it?

Inflatable boats are known for their versatility and can serve handy for many different purposes. You might need an inflatable boat for a joy ride with your family and friends or to learn a new skill like fishing or hunting. Whatever your reason, it’s essential to get clear on it before you start looking for an inflatable, as this will determine the kind of boat you need to buy. For instance, if you need a vessel for open waters, choosing a large boat would be ideal as it can withstand the waves compared to a smaller boat.

Does the size matter? 

Yes, it does! Considering the size is crucial to making the right choice among inflatable boat models. 

Inflatable boats come in various sizes; the most suitable size will depend on your needs. Depending on why you need the ship, you can finalize a size. For instance, if you like fishing expeditions alone, then using a small-sized boat should do. But choosing a bigger boat would be better if you want to take your family out for an activity, as overloading the boat on the water is not recommended for the safety of you and your loved ones. 

Larger inflatable boats tend to be more comfortable and stable than smaller ones, as they have more room and a broader base. At the same time, smaller boats allow you more flexibility in locations. Both have pros and cons, so it’s essential to choose the boat size considering your requirement. 

How fast do you want to go?

An inflatable boat’s speed depends on multiple factors, such as weight, capacity, size, type of motor, wind speed, and water conditions. When equipped with a powerful motor, inflatables can reach a speed relatively high. 

You don’t always need to speed on an inflatable, but choosing a boat with a good motor can allow you to glide through the blue waters faster and smoother. They have proven to be an excellent investment for most customers in the past few years. 

It is essential to consider your requirements and the various options available in motors while making a decision. 

Which material works best? 

The fabric used plays a huge role in the quality and durability of an inflatable boat. Inflatable boat fabrics are typically coated with synthetic materials to increase environmental resistance. 

The most widely used materials are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Hypalon, Polyurethane (PU), and Nitrylon.  Consider durability and maintenance when choosing the best material for your inflatable boat. 

We at Stryker Boats use high-quality materials such as German Heytex PVC and Hypalon for durability and long-lasting performance. What works best depends on how you plan to use your boat and budget evaluations.

Do you need a keel?

Choosing the proper keel depends on the type of water you will be using the boat in, the weight handling capacity of the boat, and the variety of boating activities you will be doing.

Keels significantly increase the boat’s performance, versatility, and value. They allow a boat to cut through the water and provide excellent steering with steady turning performance, preventing boats from being blown sideways by the wind. 

Inflatable boats often have flat bottoms that provide stability, so a keel is not always required. Most manufacturers these days use high-end manufacturing techniques, so it’s best to consult before determining if your boat requires a keel.

Which hull shape to go for? 

The hull shape lets the boat displace a volume of water equal to the boat’s weight. Since much of the submerged area, in this case, is air, the average density is much lesser than that of water, which allows the boat to float. 

A better hull shape gives the boat better buoyancy! There are three hull shapes to choose from: Flat, V, and Deep V. The right choice will depend on your requirements. So, it’s best to discuss it with your manufacturers. 

Need for accessories? 

You can customize an inflatable boat and include various features to suit your requirements. When you accessorize your boat just right, it can enhance your boating experience and also provide additional safety. 

We offer multiple options, such as aluminum floors, air decks, rod holders, and built-in seats. Consider your requirements and budget before picking the add-ons for your boat. 

How much can I spend? 

A good quality inflatable boat can easily range up to several thousand dollars. The cost varies based on the inflatable boat’s size, material, features, and brand. Consider your requirement, features, and what is most important to you to determine the best option. Considering your maintenance costs will be quite low with an inflatable boat you can evaluate the best option for you.

Since you’re reading this, we assume you have many questions in your head. Check out the premium, high-quality, and affordable inflatable boats on our website, and contact us to know more about them. Not only will our experienced team be able to answer your queries, but we will most definitely help you pick a boat best suited to your requirements. 

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