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Catching Salmon: The Greatest Guide

Catching Salmon: The Greatest Guide

ultimate fishing package

It’s time to go salmon fishing! Do you have everything you need?

The Stryker family is passionate about fishing and that’s why we created the Ultimate Fishing Package that will compliment any fishing set up, including salmon fishing!

The Ultimate Fishing Package includes a LX 360, a foot pump (or a hand pump for air mats), a bow bag, a seat bag w/cushion, repair kit, two aluminum bench seats, boat bag, floor bag (included with the aluminum floor models only), aluminum oars, mercury 20HP, standard launching wheels, BTP12 electric pump, two baitcaster rod holders, two cup holders, and a bimini.

You get all of this for an amazing price, and the option to choose your boat color and flooring type.

So how does one work with this set of equipment? There are four main tips to know when you are fishing for the prized West Coast salmon species.

DownRiggers, rod, flashers and lures.

Stryker boats are compatible with Scotty products which means that Scotty downriggers are the perfect accessory to catch salmon.

Downriggers are not complicated: They drop your salmon trolling rig and lure down to a specified depth by connecting your rig to a main weighted line. The line sinks by attaching a 5-to-10-pound weight at the end.  There is a clip a few feet above the weight which grabs your fishing line and applies pressure to drag it down with the weight. When a salmon grabs your lure, the clip lets go of the weighted line so you can fight the fish.

Now that you have a salmon on the line you need the right setup to reel it in. We recommend a medium to heavy trolling or mooching reel with 30 lb test line which fits perfectly in our Scotty rod mounts.


A flasher is a plate, usually colorful, that attracts salmon in from a distance. The flasher imitates what salmon like to eat. Once the salmon is in close proximity to it, it will go after the smaller lure trailing behind it.

You don’t need to get fancy with your lures to land a big salmon and most ocean salmon can be caught using the same lure. Our favourite and most versatile lure is the pink and chartreuse or white hoochie squids.

Lastly, you must respect the limits of salmon. Being one of the most prized fish on the west coast, their numbers have lowered dramatically in recent years. Only take what you will be sure to use, and respect all of the laws that are in place in regards to fishing limits. Harming salmon under the legal size is unethical, unnecessary, and illegal.

And there you have it! Catching salmon has never been easier, and with the Stryker Ultimate Fishing package, it can be done in style as well. The gear that you will obtain from Stryker is the best you can get, and at one low cost that will not break the bank.

Fishing for salmon has always been a great family time. Now you can do so with the greatest equipment, using the best methods. Following the tips laid out for you in this article will have you eating the freshest tasting fish and tons of fun on the ocean!

If you plan on bringing your kids with you on the water, check out some of the tips and tricks for boating with kids from last months blog!