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7 Inflatable Boat Myths

7 Inflatable Boat Myths

There are many inflatable boat myths circulating these days that are not true. These myths are not only false, but they also make people doubt how safe inflatable boats are, how they work, and if they’re worth the money.

Trust us – inflatable boats are well worth the money, and we’re here to debunk all those inflatable boat myths that we see floating around the boating community.

Read on to find out what they are!

7 Inflatable Boat Myths Debunked

These inflatable boat myths will have you reconsidering whether or not you jumped the gun on deciding against purchasing one. By the end of this article, we’re sure we’ll have changed your mind about how reliable and safe inflatable boats are.

1. Inflatable Boats Puncture Easily.


Just because a boat is inflatable doesn’t mean that it will puncture or deflate upon impact. Inflatable boats are made with high-quality, durable, and strong PVC fabrics built to withstand almost any impact, particularly against a rock or other hard surface.

Inflatable boats Do NOT puncture easily. They have an abrasion-resistant exterior that requires a lot of damage before scratches can even appear, much less a tear or puncture. You can even drag an inflatable boat on rocks or gravel without damage (to a degree). 

The fact is, inflatable boats can handle all kinds of wear and tear.

2. You Cannot Fish on an Inflatable Boat.

Some inflatable boats are used specifically for fishing! Lots of inflatable boats have features like fishing rod holders and other accessories

We build inflatable fishing boats with all the fishing features you need! Click here to check it out.

3. Inflatable Boats Aren’t As Safe as Regular Boats.

Many people believe that inflatable boats are like kid inflatables – but they’re not. 

The flooring on an inflatable boat is just as stable as a regular boat and provides enough support for anyone onboard. When properly maintained, inflatable boats have a lifespan of ten to 15 years – that’s the same lifespan as a traditional boat!

4. Inflatable Boats Can’t Carry Multiple People.

This myth is wrong. Inflatable boats can carry heavy loads and withstand heavier weights.

Most inflatable boats can carry as many as six to eight people.

5. Inflatable Boats Sink When Punctured.

The myth that inflatable boats sink when punctured is not true. While the boat will lose air pressure if it gets a puncture, inflatable boats have different air chambers that hold air if another chamber starts to leak.

If you are on an inflatable boat and it punctures, you will have more than enough time to make it to safety before it loses its air.

Here’s another helpful fact: you can fix most punctures while on the water.

6. Inflatable Boats are Low Quality.

How much you pay for an inflatable boat depends on the quality of its material. 

If you’re paying a few thousand dollars for an inflatable boat, you can rest assured that the boat is made of high-quality materials that will keep you safe. Some higher-end inflatable boats are even safer and more durable than traditional vessels.

7. They’re Hard to Inflate.

Inflatable boats are only hard to inflate if you’re using a hand or foot pump – just like any other inflatable.

That’s why it’s essential to invest in an electric air pump or another heavy-duty pump specifically designed for inflatable boats.

If you’re considering purchasing an inflatable boat, now may be the time to consider it. Summer is just around the corner! 

When you compare the cost of an inflatable boat to a traditional boat, inflatable boats are well worth the cost in terms of durability, longevity, and use. Consider buying one today!

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