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Why is Stryker the best inflatable tender?

Why is Stryker the best inflatable tender?

Do you love the outdoors? Does the thought of open water float your boat? Or perhaps you just need a bit of pizzazz to spice things up? Don’t stryke out. FOMO will be a thing of the past once you see why you need to get your hands on the best inflatable boat.

The real deal

What’s not to love about these versatile and durable boats? You will find that these multifaceted powerhouses are designed to meet your every need. Stryker is renowned for its world-class reputation. Safety, reliability and quality have been the central focus of the business since they began building boats in 2004. And they’ve left us spoilt for choice.

With 3 different series to choose from and an excellent range in each, you have no reason not to catch that fish or impress your future bae. Jack couldn’t save Rose. Probably because he didn’t have a Stryker. Your investment in one of these top of the range, head-turning beauties will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

The deal breakers

Are you looking for a boat with all the accessories that won’t break the bank? Stryker comes at a price that cannot be beaten. Regardless of your choice, each series comes fully equipped with Strykers standard equipment.

Tired of having water taxis collect your guests? Turn that quick trip into a tour around the bay and impress them with an experience that they’ll never forget in your heavy duty inflatable boat.

Fancy a sundowner at a romantic cove? Let your Stryker be the sunset. Remember those long, dreary, mundane supply runs? With the speed and efficiency of your Stryker, you’ll soon have amnesia. Quit blaming the bait and improve your fishing skills in Stryker. Unlike Peter and his crew, the fish won’t even hear you coming!

These inflatable boats can be assembled or taken apart in a matter of moments, no rocket science necessary. And of course size matters! The compact, lightweight designs mean that you will always have space for storage at home or on your yacht. But do not fear. There’s also enough space for your in-laws. With its high safety standards, you can rest assured that the risk of them falling overboard is reduced.

These boats are also a breeze to inflate, so you won’t be left breathless at the thought of a trip to a neighboring yacht. And in the event of an emergency, throw on your towel – Captain Stryker to the rescue. The fully equipped boat will be a lifesaver should you have no lifesaving vessels on board.

Take a walk onto your pier or into your garage. See a Stryker in there? With all these benefits and features, can you afford not to have one? Turn your dream into reality, make your ordinary, extraordinary. Simplify your life and invest in the durability, safety and speed of the Stryker. We’re in it for the long haul!