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5 Reason Why Inflatable Boats Make Hunting Easier

5 Reason Why Inflatable Boats Make Hunting Easier

inflatable boat hunting

We all know that time of year where summer quickly slips away. The air drops in temperature, the days begin to shorten, leaves begin to change, and the prep begins- ITS HUNTING SEASON!

Everyone has their own hunting style that works for them.

It could be on foot, on quads, on horse or on boat.

Over the years we have hunted on all the mentioned methods, however hunting by boat is by far our most preferred method and for many reasons.

So, let’s dive into why hunting by particularly inflatable boat, is our favorite!

  • Easy Access

We all know that hunting is no easy feat.  There is allot of miles you need to pack on in order to get to where the game is.    Using a boat allows you to access areas that would otherwise be unattainable.  You can navigate up lakes and rivers which can get you to very remote dense game territory which ultimately increasing your odds of a successful hunt.

  • Transporting Gear

There is allot of gear that goes into hunting.  Typically, we are looking at 3-5 consecutive days out in the bush which means we need to insure we have all the equipment necessary to comfortably endure our time in the wilderness.   Packing gear by boat makes it easy to bring everything you need.  The list can be long and can include the following: Tent, ground foam, sleeping bag, food/snacks, water, frying pan, spork, knives, guns, compound bow, ammo, gps, fuel, lighter, tarp, rope, flashlights, headlamp, first aid kit, rain gear, rangefinder, survival blanket, trash bags, rubber gloves, game call, and your hunting license.   Your gear really starts to add up and having a premium inflatable boat for transporting your gear will really elevate your experience.

  • Basecamp and secondary camp

Now that you have transported all your essential hunting gear by boat, you now can set up a comfortable base camp.    In addition, if you decide to venture further up river, lake, or ocean, you now have the ability to anchor and sleep within your boat.   I know, it sounds pretty uncomfortable, however after a long day and lots of miles, your boat camp will be exactly what you want.  Be sure to bring a tarp, your sleeping bag, fire starter, water, and some dehydrated meals.  Your pack load is minimal meaning you will have lots of space to sleep on the floor of your inflatable boat!

  • Access to variety of game

One of the advantages of hunting by boat is the ability to have a wider variety of game.  When boating up a lake or river you might see black bears, grizzly bears, dear, elk, and moose all in the same day.  This will increase the likelihood of a successful hunt and allow you to easily sneak up and stalk your game. Remember, all game comes to water.

  • Packing Out

So, your hunt was successful, now comes the hard work.

We know how laborious it is to process your kill and pack it out.  It can take hours and depending how far you are from your base camp it can be a real calorie burner! 

This is where your boat will become your favorite thing.   Once you have processed your meat you still have to pack it out.  Now, all you have to do is simply load into your boat and motor off.

At Stryker Boats we have a number of premium inflatable boats that will be the perfect complement to your hunting adventures!  Check us out today for more information