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What You Need to Know for inflatable boat safety

What You Need to Know for inflatable boat safety

What do you know about inflatable boat safety?

Many people underestimate how safe inflatable boats are. They think that because the boats are inflatable, they are more at risk of becoming punctured and sinking.

Inflatable boats are incredibly safe. And while many myths and misconceptions about inflatable boats exist, they are actually very reliable, durable, and cost-friendly.

Here’s everything you need to know about inflatable boat safety.

What You Should Know About Inflatable Boat Safety

Inflatable boats are very safe seeing that sometimes even safer than traditional boats. People use them on all sorts of terrain and rough waters.

Here are some things you should know about inflatable boat safety.

1. Inflatable Boats are made of High-Quality & Durable Materials

Inflatable boats are nearly impossible for them to become punctured or develop a leak. This is because inflatable boats have durable, high-quality, and strong PVC fabrics that withstand most impacts.

Your inflatable boat’s high-quality material will protect it from tears or punctures if you hit a rock or other rough surface. 

Inflatable boat manufacturers run many tests to ensure that their boats are puncture-proof. Additionally inflatable boat’s abrasion-resistant material must withstand A LOT of damage before a tear or puncture occurs. These boats can handle rough terrain and being dragged across rocks and other harsh surfaces, making them extremely safe.

2. Inflatable Boats Cannot Sink.

It is nearly impossible for an inflatable boat to sink if it is punctured. 

Inflatable boats have air chambers that hold air when other chambers begin to leak. In the unlikely event that your boat suffers a puncture, you would have a significant amount of time to get to shore. 

At Stryker Boats, we also offer repair kits that can fix most punctures while you are on the water.

3. Buoyancy

Inflatable boats have evenly distributed buoyancy which stabilizes them. Buoyancy is distributed along the sides of a boat’s walls. Inflatable boats also have a flat floor, preventing tipping and enhancing the safety of the passengers on board.

4. Built to Carry Heavy Weights

Inflatable boats are designed to carry multiple people and heavier weights. This carrying capacity means that an inflatable boat can safely hold as many as six to eight people. 

5. Inflatable Boats are as Safe, if not Safer than Traditional Boats.

Inflatable boats have flooring that stabilizes. Stabilized flooring supports inflatable boats and makes them as safe as traditional boats. Additionally, also have an extremely long lifespan, generally lasting as long as 10 to 15 years and are elementary to maintain. Not to mention, their high-quality materials make them safer than many traditional boats.

Stryker Boats Builds High-Quality Inflatable Boats That You Can Rely On

Stryker Inflatable Boats builds the safest and most well-equipped boats in the industry. Our passion is being on the water – we use this passion to create boats that suit all your needs. We offer built-to-order boats with every component chosen by you.

If you have been considering buying an inflatable boat or have questions about inflatable boats in Canada or the United States, check out our premium, high-quality, and affordable inflatable boats at Stryker Boats. Also when it comes to inflatable boats in Canada and the United States, no one does it better than our experienced team.

To find out more about Stryker Boats, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us online. However, you can also email us at hello@strykerboats.com or on the phone at 1.604.783.5774 or toll-free at 1.844.322.BOAT (2628).

You can also learn more about the Stryker Difference here.

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